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Who’s who

Board of Directors
C.S. Chang
Juliana Lim
Luke Kwek
Tan Beng Tian

Co-Artistic Directors
Ellison Tan Yuyang
Myra Loke

Core Members
Chong Tze Chien
Daniel Sim
Ellison Tan Yuyang
Lam Dan Fong
Myra Loke
Oliver Chong
Ong Kian Sin

General Manager
Ang Hwee Sim

Accounts Consultant
Ang Hui Bin

Project Manager
Yee Isabelle

Finance & Administrative Executive
Gillian Ong

Associate Lighting Designer
Lim Woan Wen

Associate Sound Artist & Music Composer
Darren Ng

Associate Costume Designers
Max Tan

Associate Actors
Ann Lek
Darren Guo
Jasmine Xie Huilin
Joshua Jonathan Lim
Zee Wong

Company Secretary
Tricor Evatthouse Corporate Services

Fiducia LLP

Co-Artistic DirectoR: 
Ellison tan yuyang

Ellison Tan Yuyang graduated from the National University of Singapore with a major in Theatre Studies. She has trained with ECNAD, Cake Theatrical Productions, The Finger Players and Nine Years Theatre. She is an actor, writer and theatre-maker.

Notable performances include: I Am Trying To Say Something True( Esplanade Studios), Art Studio (Nine Years Theatre), Café (Twenty-something Theatre Festival), Manifesto (The Necessary Stage and Drama Box), Off Centre (The Finger Players (2015) and The Necessary Stage(2019)), and Temple Reconstructed (Cake Theatrical Productions). Playwriting works include: We Were So Hopeful Then(The Necessary Stage’s The Orange Production), The Dragon’s Dentist(Esplanade’s PLAYtime!) and Inheritance(The Finger Players).

In 2015, Ellison was accepted into the Next Generation Program in Tokyo, a three-year program that aims to grow emerging artists specifically in the field of Theatre for Young Audiences. She is the co-founder of The Wanderlings - the collective that created Singapore's first baby theatre production. 

Co-Artistic DirectoR: 
Myra loke

Myra Loke is a puppeteer, actor, educator, designer and theatre-maker. She started her journey in Singapore’s theatre 13 years ago when she co-created and participated in ARTivate (Pioneer Batch), a youth wing of Drama Box Ltd. 


Now, Myra is a member of the artistic core team of The Finger Players. She has since performed in Framed, By Adolf, The Spirits PlayITSY- The Musical, The Flying Dutchman, Turn by Turn We Turn and several others. Myra also works very closely with The Finger Players as a props-maker and puppet designer.


In 2017, Myra co-created “You Can Reach The Sky”, Singapore’s first immersive theatrical experience for babies. In 2018, Myra co-founded an arts collective, The Wanderlings, where she continues her work in engaging young people and people with special needs. 

core member:
Chong Tze Chien

Tze Chien is a core member of The Finger Players and an award winning playwright/ director. For his contributions to Singapore Theatre, he was awarded the Young Artist Award by Singapore’s National Arts Council in 2006. 

On the national level, Tze Chien was the Creative Director of Singapore Pools’ float and performance in Chingay 2007 and 2008, Co-conceptualist and Writer for NDP 2016, Creative Director of Island Adventures for National Museum of Singapore’s Children’s Season 2012, Artistic Director of The Arts House’s 10th Anniversary in 2014, and the Co-curator of The Studios: Fifty, a festival of 50 iconic Singapore Plays presented by the Esplanade in 2015. 

As an arts educator, Tze Chien has been conducting workshops and masterclasses for tertiary institutions and schools in Singapore since 2001. He currently sits on the Curriculum Development Assessment Committee in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He is also an adjunct lecturer in NUS, Lasalle College of the Arts and NTU/NIE. He was a SYF Arts Presentation (Drama) Adjudicator for five years, and most recently, the Creative Director of SYF Concert 2019. 

core member:
daniel sim

Daniel is interested in objects in performance, and the potential of their material and theatrical presence. He has designed, coordinated and/or made gadgets, puppets and props for shows such as Late Company (2019), The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey (2017), ITSY – The Musical (2017), The Flying Dutchman (2016) and The Spirits Play (2015). He also builds and has helped to create spaces for shows like Flowers (2019), Both Sides, Now: Closer (2018), MISSING (2018) and First Family (2017). Daniel graduated from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies. He is a core member of The Finger Players.


core member:
Oliver Chong

Oliver Chong is a versatile and multi-talented director/playwright/actor. Some of his memorable works include Roots, I’m Just A Piano Teacher, Cat, Lost & Found, The Book of Living and Dying, and most recently Citizen Pig. He has been nominated several times for his acting and directorial efforts at The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards. In 2011, he won Production of the Year for A Cage Goes in Search of a Bird with his actors’ collective, A Group of People. In 2013, he won Production of the Year and Best Script for Roots

He is the Resident Director of The Finger Players, and the founding member of A Group of People. His nominations for The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards include: Production of the Year and Best Director for I’m Just a Piano Teacher; Best Actor for Roots and for Invisibility/Breathing, Best Supporting Actor for Flare, Best Ensemble for Shit Hole, First Family, Rashomon, and A Cage goes in Search of a Bird respectively, and Best Set Design for Twisted.

core member:
Ong kian sin

Kian Sin is co-founder of The Finger Players. He often designs and constructs puppets. His puppet creations were seen in Furthest North, Deepest South, First Family, Wong Kar Wai Dreams, Twisted, Flare and suitCASES. In 2007, he staged 0501, a site-specific production that won two technical awards (Set and Sound Design) at the 8th Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards, as well as a President’s Design Award. His subsequent directorial works include Let Dreams Fly, Twisted, Whispers (Huayi Festival) and The Musical Canvas (Ding Yi/Esplanade FYI). Some performing credits include: The Book of Living and Dying, Turn by Turn We Turn, Senang (Drama Box) and One Metre Square: Voices from Sungei Road (Wild Rice).

core member:
lam dan fong

Dan Fong was part of the pioneer batch of ARTivate, the youth wing of Drama Box Ltd. After graduating from the School of Accountancy at Nanyang Technological University, she worked as an auditor at Ernst & Young for a year before joining The Finger Players as a full-time Production Manager (2014 – 2018). She is currently a freelancer and a Core Member of The Finger Players.