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03 JUNE 2018

Framed, by Adolf


"On the staging itself, Tze Chien elaborates: “Think of it as an IMAX experience. It’s going to be quite cinematic as we meld moving images, portraits and art, with new ways of presenting shadow puppetry...and it’s going to feel like you’re watching a film onstage.

On the title, Tze Chien explains: “The word Framed has a double meaning – it’s simultaneously literally about the framed Hitler painting and the story behind it, and there’s also the implication that it’s about framing or maligning someone."…/the-finger-players-2018-an-int…/


02 JUNE 2018


02 JUNE 2018

Lianhe Zaobao -Citizen Dog.jpg

十指帮6月推出两部新剧,一部华语剧《大狗民》,一部英语剧《希魔诬陷》;前者是受《聊斋志异》启发的荒诞情欲噩梦,后者则是关于种族主义观念。双语剧团十指帮2018剧季已经开始,将在6月推出两部新剧,一部华语剧《大狗民》,一部英语剧《希魔诬陷》(Framed, by Adolf)。





01 JUNE 2018

Limited tickets left for opening nights of《大狗民》Citizen Dog and Framed, by Adolf! 

Grab your tickets soon!

12 FEBRUARY 2018

29 NOVEMBER 2017


“Drums” (Festival Tokyo 2017) technical setup at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (with support from the Singapore International Foundation)

18 NOVEMBER 2017


“Maxx the Cat” is going to Ang Mo Kio today as part of National Arts Council’s Arts in Your Neighbourhood programme.

Show time: 2pm and 5pm, at Ang Mo Kio Central Stage

Be immersed in this colourful theatrical experience with puppets accompanied by lively music! Follow the journey of a young girl Sam and her adopted cat Maxx as they encounter different creatures in an exciting series of adventures and misfortunes. Constantly getting on each other’s nerves, will Sam and Maxx finally earn each other’s trust and loyalty? Find out in this story of love, inclusivity and courage where they learn to accept each other’s differences.

11 NOVEMBER 2017

Happening today! (Saturday 11th Nov) 
Bedok Town Square, 2pm and 5pm

Maxx The Cat, a free puppet show for the young and old is part of NAC’s Arts In Your Neighbourhood! Be enthralled by the colourful puppets and whimsical story directed and conceptualised by Thong Pei Qin! See you at Bedok!


19 OCTOBER 2017

Download house programme  here

Download house programme here

17 OCTOBER 2017

Photo by Tuckys Photography

Photo by Tuckys Photography

20th -22nd October 2017
Victoria Theatre

“Poop was originally shown at the 220-seat Esplanade Theatre Studio, while Victoria Theatre can accommodate three times the former's capacity.

To make use of the larger theatre's height and depth, the set by designers Ctrk Fre@k has two stages at different levels and more puppeteers to enhance illusions such as making the dead man ghostly. The script has been tweaked, Chong [Tze Chien] says, to build on the characters' history.” -Life! The Straits Times

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28 February 2017

Photo by Tuckys Photography

Introducing Sebastian Tan as ITSY.

Don't be deceived by his cutesy look! This innocent and sweet spider once upon a time grows up to be the evil incarnate who turns the nursery rhyme world upside down! Who will save the world from him? Watch ITSY -The Musical to find out!

17 February 2017

"Once Upon a Time is the song that encapsulates the whole musical. It is lyrical, really moving…it describes the love of a grandfather for his grandson. It’s magical yet it is childish as well - the imagination of nursery rhymes. It’s a beautiful song. People will come away from this musical humming singing Once Upon a Time.” Lim Kay Siu

Music by Darren Ng
Lyrics by Chong Tze Chien
Performed by Lim Kay Siu, Shou Chen Tan & Jo Tan
Video Produced by Derrick Chew

ITSY The Musical 
24 March – 2 April
Victoria Theatre

14 February 2017

We are nominated for 3 awards at the M1-The Straits Times Life Theatre Awards!

Journey To The West: Treasures From The Dragon Palace (The Finger Players/Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay)

Joshua Lim for Starring Hitler As Jekyll And Hyde (The Finger Players)

Lim Woan Wen for Inheritance (The Finger Players)

Congratulations to all nominees!


10 February 2017

"It took us three years to create this. But it gave us a chance to work with people outside of our usual circle of collaborators ... As a creative, it's fun for me to work on a different genre, although the parameters of what makes good theatre are still very much the same. Itsy has given me a chance to challenge the common idea that musicals are fluffy shows meant for the masses, when in fact some of them deal with very weighty issues."

Chong Tze Chien, Director/Playwright